Do you look for an international Keynote Speaker for your conference, event or gala dinner? Or maybe a certified trainer for your next storytelling workshop or marketing training? Great! You just have found what you are looking for! I love to edutain people on the following topics:

The Art of B2B – Storytelling (e.g. What is Storytelling? – Why Storytelling matters? – Storytelling for Executives, Brands or Products)

B2B – Storymarketing (e.g. what is engaging content? – Benefits of a great story strategy – How to become a visual story creator – Crafting “viral” stories – How to build a brand story?)

Storytelling on LinkedIn (e.g. Why Storytelling on LinkedIn – How to make the most out of your story on LinkedIn – How to place your story on LinkedIn)

No matter if your audience are beginners or advanced Storytellers, I will tailor my speeches around your goals and needs.

Please let me know in which language you would like me to perform in. As I am originally German (born in Berlin) I can easily deliver my speeches and trainings in German and English. My Keynotes are usually between 30 – 60 Minutes long.

I will craft my content around YOUR needs, challenges and/or core message. The more I am aware of the struggles of your audience, employees or students, the more I will be able to solve their problems through hands-on, real-life examples and strategies. So, please share your pain points with me. You will find more information about my workshops and trainings here.

Examples of my keynotes (English and German)

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