People do not buy the cheapest or best product, they buy the product that they understand the easiest.

What if people understand your product or service and immediately connect with it?

At a time when 5000 marketing messages are coming at us every day, we have to decide what we consciously perceive and what we do not.

Information is sorted by its importance, no longer by the number of times it appears. Advertising that interrupts is removed or switched off. 

We are willing to pay money to Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Video etc. every month for ad-free series or movies.

So what does the future of our advertising look like? 

Regardless of the industry, or the product.

90% of our purchase decisions are made subconsciously. They are based on emotions and hormonal reactions.

This means that if we reduce our marketing to consciousness-related statements such as „just until tomorrow“, or „best price“, we waste 90% of our marketing budget. 

Storytelling works subconsciously. It triggers our hormones and lets us make decisions in which we have no right to participate at all.

With the result that your business grows and you turn your customers into fans.

In this workshop you will learn:

– To tell your marketing message in a way that your customers immediately understand and connect with your product or brand.

– To apply the „Story of Success“ framework for your story again and again.

– Why and how storytelling works in the digital age.

– How to find, develop and tell your story.

What is your ROI?

– Adding value to your product and brand for better sales and reputation.

– Your customers listen to you and understand your product or service.

– Less is more. A good story can save you up to 90% of your marketing budget.

Why me?

– I have invested a lot of money in workshops that have brought me nothing.

– I received instructions that I could not implement back at the office.

– I went to workshops with hundreds of people where nothing was personal.

I’m not in the mood for that anymore. In my workshops:

– there’s a limited number of people so that everyone can be helped personally.

– there are no standard instructions. Every single story is developed personally.

– everyone gets the necessary knowledge to be able to implement it in their own office as well as in the workshop. 

– You will be able to build your story.


Workshops in the DACH area are held in German, all others in English.

Would you like a private workshop for your company? Please set up your free strategy call.


What are the workshop times?

– All workshops will take place between 9AM and 5PM

Who is the target group for this workshop?

– The „Story of Success“ workshop is aimed at self-employed persons, CEOs, project or product managers who are operationally and/or strategically responsible for content marketing. 

How many people can attend at one workshop?

– The number of participants is limited to 10 people per workshop. Thats how I can guarantee, that every participant is able to build his/her story. The minimum number is 5.

What kind of materials are provided to take home?

– Every participant of the workshop is getting exclusive materials and templates, which can be used for any following story as a handout. Also, every participant is given a special gift at the workshop location.


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